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Effective Holistic Medicine depends on self-awareness of the patient. The self-aware patient needs a new kind of healer – one who will be a guide and consultant…a fellow explorer helping you navigate your way in new and unchartered territory.

“With my guidance and support, you’ll receive the tools to explore health and life activities to support you on your journey. As you travel your divine path you will nourish and heal your body, bring clarity to your mind, balance your emotions and nurture your spirit. And in the process, you will heal yourself.”

The World Health Organization —

“Health is not just the absence of disease. It is a feeling of total well-being on the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual levels of a person’s life.”

Quote by Thomas Edison —

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Maimonides Prayer for the Physician —

Purify me and fill my heart with love for my art and for thy creations. Endow me with strength of mind and heart so that both be always ready to serve all that need me, be they rich or poor, good or wicked, friend or foe. Let me never see in the sufferer anything else but a fellow human being in pain. O compassionate G-d. Thou has chosen me to watch over the health of thy creations. I now apply myself to my calling. Support and strengthen me in my task so that I may aid those in need.


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Constant sitting leads to discrepancy and dysfunction of almost all systems and organs. There is venous and lymphatic stasis in the pelvic organs. And there is always some other conditions leading to violation of male and female reproductive spheres with all the consequences. Also we can observe fatigue, demotivation and depression of people with sedentary lifestyle.

Weight Gain

The reason of weight gain is simple and understandable for the new generation of people who sit all day long. Sitting on a chair or sofa, we spend a minimum amount of energy and, accordingly, calories. And if you add a pack of chips to watching TV on a comfortable chair, then don’t wait for anything good. Of course, a couple of kilograms is not so terrible. But it’s terrible that this way of life can lead to obesity and other serious health problems, such as cancer and infertility.

Taking such facts into account, remember that a man loses 3,000 calories during one sexual intercourse. So this is a simple and nice decision for fat problems. But, if you suddenly cannot or do not want to use such a solution, then you have to visit health specialists and solve this problem (to understand how some medications can help solve problems with lost sexual desire visit cialisinorge.com), and take a shovel in your hands and dig a ditch in addition to your main job.

Problems with Prostate

The next problem from sedentary work is also typically masculine. The prostate is the second heart of a man, so you need to cherish it gently and with awe. Your prostate literally hates stagnation, which happens with sedentary lifestyle. Probably you know that there is one step from stagnation to inflammation. And if now it is already not possible to compete with friends who have higher and longer trickle, be ready that this is only the beginning. Decrease in potency is coming a bit later. It is not a joke, and some man can lose it.

What to do? The most effective, optimal and, moreover, the most pleasant way to prevent prostatitis is having regular sex. Another thing is how you manage to carry it out in the workplace while sitting in a common hall. And your boss would not like such “lunch breaks” in the office. Therefore, we suggest you another, more inconspicuous way of preventing prostatitis. In a sitting position, you need to rhythmically draw in the anus, trying to feel how the muscle contracting at the base of the penis, and the flow of energy rushes upwards along your back. This exercise should be performed 30 times per hour.

This gymnastics strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and improves blood circulation in the pelvic region. And this is very important for the prostate and for potency. And, in general, this exercise is useful when you already have erectile dysfunction.

As you see, sedentary lifestyle is pretty dangerous for men’s health. So if you have a sitting job in the office, pay more attention to your lifestyle and remember about an appropriate level of physical activity.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, a third part of men over 50 years old experience the symptoms of menopause, more precisely, andropause, associated with decrease in production of sex hormones.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

Here are the most common symptoms of andropause:

  • Decreased libido;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Frequent urge to urinate;
  • Insomnia;
  • Fatiguability;
  • Irritability;
  • Apathy;
  • Decrease in efficiency, inability to concentrate;
  • Dizziness;
  • Sudden feeling of heat;
  • Weight gain;
  • Back pain;
  • Dry skin;
  • Increased sweating.

Many men think that these symptoms are normal changes for their age and do not hurry to see the doctor.

Treat or Ignore?

If the symptoms of andropause are significant, affect the quality of life and relationships with your beloved ones, the treatment is necessary.

1. As a rule, hormone replacement therapy for men is prescribed.

Testosterone drugs are now available in several dosages, which is very convenient: you can take tablets and capsules daily, you can inject the medicine every 3 months, or have a special implant under your skin and forget about your symptoms for half a year. There are also plasters, gels and creams with testosterone, but they are rarely prescribed. The decision on the type of treatment is made by your doctor. The dosage of the drugs is strictly individual.

Hormonal drugs are very effective. Shortly, a man will feel the joy of life, increased efficiency and improved mood. Such medications will help establish relationships in the family, which were damaged by depressive moods of the patient. By the way, nothing prevents parallel appointment of sedative drugs (valerian, peony, motherwort), which will improve sleep and reduce anxiety, although testosterone itself has a powerful antidepressant and psychostimulating effect.

However, there are contraindications for hormonal therapy:

  • Cancer;
  • Chronic bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • Overnight apnea;
  • Intensive smoking.

2. Non-hormonal medications

There are a lot of non-hormonal medications which can improve your erectile function and sexual feelings in general. If you think that you need to use one, you should contact your healthcare provider. The doctor will take into account your health conditions and prescribe the most effect medicine. Some most popular medications of this kind areTadalafil, Viagra, Levitra, etc.

3. Bio Additives Stimulating Production of Testosterone

These drugs are not hormone-containing and have literally no contraindications. Most of them contain natural plants as active ingredients. Such bio additives can increase energy, strength, endurance and sexual function. In addition, they do not affect the hormonal state of the body.

What is ED? First and foremost, ED (erectile dysfunction) is a serious issue that people tend to overlook. Not many men are willing to open up about it, due to the sensitive nature of the issue.
At its core, ED is the inability to keep an erection long enough to have sexual contact. There are many types of ED, including situational/occasional ED up to 90% suffered from it once or twice in their lives. It can happen due to stress, heavy drinking, to give you a couple of common examples. If ED happens more often, it’s a serious cause for concern, no matter how embarrassing it might seem people should seek out the treatment immediately.

The Symptoms

Here are the most common symptoms of ED. Let’s list off the most popular ones first:
Trouble getting an erection;
Trouble keeping an erection;
Lessened interest in sex.
There are many other sex-related issues that also correlate with ED, including premature/delayed/painful ejaculation and inability to achieve an orgasm. While these don’t seem all that serious, we will repeat once again, for your own’s sake please go visit a doctor, ED is no joke, you should seek erectile dysfunction treatment. It could be caused by an underlying condition that might turn out quite severe.

The Causes

Here are the most common conditions that cause ED.
Psychological issues;
Heart problems;
Drug abuse;
Substance abuse;
Being overweight.
And that’s just a few of them, the list goes on and on. It could be any combination of the two, three or more causes. If any of these apply to you, you shouldn’t delay your visit to the doctor’s.

The Treatments

The selection of treatments is pretty good, the prognosis is also good if the doctor manages to find the root of your problem. Obviously, the treatments vary based on the main cause, but there are some medications that have become a mainstay of ED treatment, including tadalafil, sildenafil, testosterone, and vardenafil.
Many people turn to natural remedies and herbs, but that’s a whole another topic for an article. To put it bluntly, these are not as effective. There are many numbers out there to back that statement up, so we strongly suggest you avoid this kind of treatment altogether.