The most unfortunate type of alpha thalassemia, which primarily affects people of Southeast Asian, Chinese and Filipino ancestry, results in fetal or newborn death.. Alpha thalassemia blood disease protects against malaria Children with an inherited blood disorder called alpha thalassemia produce unusually small red blood cells that mostly cause a mild type of anemia. Now, experts have discovered that this disorder has a benefit – it could protect children against among the world’s greatest killers, malaria, according to a new study.D., Chairman and Professor of the Division of Medical Parasitology at NYU School of Medicine, who led the study with colleagues at the University of Oxford.This new regular of treatment could improve not merely the care and standard of living of individuals but also adherence to a PKU treatment solution. ‘Until recently, lowering blood Phe amounts has been the just achievement measure in the treating PKU.D., Chief Medical Officer of BioMarin. KUVAN may be the first and just FDA accepted treatment to lessen blood Phe amounts in individuals with hyperphenylalaninemia because of tetrahydrobiopterin responsive PKU, and is usually to be found in conjunction with a Phe-restricted diet.