Ilana J. Eberson BHSc, HCE, is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Counselor & Educator. She has spent 8 years involved in numerous and diverse aspects of holistic and complementary medicine. She has trained and practiced internationally in Australia and the USA.

She completed her Undergraduate Degree in the Health Sciences from the University of New England in Australia. She has a Diploma of Complimentary Medicine in Nutrition from Health Schools Australia. ADiploma of Iridology and a Diploma of Bach Flower Essences from the Australasian College of Natural Medicine. She completed her Second Degree Reiki Certificate in the USA. After leaving Australia to attend the prestigious Teleosis School of Homeopathy in New York she completed thePost Graduate Clinical Course and later worked as a faculty member of Teleosis. Ilana is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and is a member of The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH).

Ilana has an honest, caring and passionate spirit. She uses her highly developed intuitive sense and exceptional listening skills in each of her sessions. It is her intention to help you experience your true and powerful potential in living a joyful, fulfilling and connected life. When the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are fully integrated, you will feel whole. Her life path has kept her immersed in the art and science of creating personal transformation for herself, her clients, family, friends and pretty much anyone she meets.

Alternative medicine and holistic health treatments are used in response to health and life concerns. Treatment is provided for the client’s current medical problems and educational and consulting services are provided for individuals and corporations to improve their health. A variety of alternative health modalities are used including Homeopathy, Nutrition, Iridology, Herbs, Detoxification, Health Counseling, Reiki Therapy, Bach Flower Essences and Holistic Health Education.

Ilana enhances and supports a client’s overall health in a fully integrated program. This Individual Program of Health supports the patient over a period of time as they implement manageable changes that will last a lifetime. It is vital to understand the underlying nature of a client’s health using information obtained from lifestyle behavior, past and current health status, genetics and social conditioning.

Treatment helps reduce the effects of stress and fatigue; resolves eating disorders and balances weight issues; releases fears and phobias; increases energy; supports the current medical condition; stabilizes mood swings and depression; enhances the healing capacity of the immune system; improves relationships to find inner joy and love and provides a safe space to discuss issues of concern.

Once you take responsibility for your own health and life, your inner self will flourish and blossom, you will feel more alive, you will make clearer decisions, you will be more in control of your life and you will be healthier, happier and have more passion & meaning in your life.