Seminars are aimed at Parent Groups, Corporate Clients and individual issues of Menís, Womenís and Childrenís Health. Information is geared toward the groups’ areas of interest. Please feel free to make extra suggestions. The list below is just a brief, partial list of seminars available.

Topics include:

  • Stress Release
  • Overcoming Exhaustion in the Workplace
  • Learning to Balance Your Childís Behavior Through Food
  • Why We Age; Delaying the Ageing Process
  • Basics of Health and Nutrition
  • Learning How to Eat Again
  • A Brief Philosophy of Alternative Health Modalities

Seminars are one to two hours in length, depending on the subject, leaving time for Q & A. Groups are not limited in number of participants. These small or large groups are highly affordable and a great cost effective way to learn cutting-edge information and connect with like minded people.